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Living Will

Living Will is a term that may be more appropriate in public culture, and perhaps in states other than Michigan. There are no specific Michigan statutes dealing with something called a "living will".

When it comes to setting up the decision-making process, for how health care decisions are made, and who makes them, the gold standard is a properly drafted Medical Power of Attorney (aka a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care). In a properly drafted Medical Power of Attorney, it will be clear who the initial agent is, who will carry out the principal's wishes; it will be clear who the successor agents are; religious and other preferences can be set forth in the document, as to how extensive the measures should be, to prolong life; and finally, a properly drawn Medical Power of Attorney will help establish procedures for the resolution of disputed medical care decisions.

A properly drafted Medical Power of Attorney can also provide needed guidance to doctors & nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice organizations and the like, for how best to provide care for a now-incapacitated person.

Instead of a Living Will, courts recognize a Medical Power of Attorney

We can go over the benefits of using one

Learn more about Michigan Power of Attorney Laws & Protections.

You can actually designate the person you want to step in on your behalf, to make medical decisions; in Michigan this person is called a "Patient Advocate".
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You will not likely be hiring me as a "Guardians Ad Litem", but you might have to deal with one, after we file our Petition for Guardianship, Conservatorship, or other Probate Court petition. 
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Michigan law requires a little bit of drama and ceremony, for the proper execution of a financial power of attorney. Given the significant powers and responsibilities that an agent takes on, the purpose of such requirements is to make certain that the power of attorney document, and relationship, was set up intentionally.
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